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Maintenance Combination Easy-Gate - Specification

This page includes information about the technical specification of the Maintenance Combination Easy-Gate. Information about design and installation is also available.

The Maintenance Combination Easy-Gate is a fully welded robust construction. The unit is 1300mm wide over posts with a clear opening of 1m to comply with the latest safety standards; the side gate has optional widths.

The gate frame is constructed using 50mm x 50mm x 3mm RHS. With a 50mm x 75mm x 3mm RHS bottom rail. All the infills are 16mm diameter solid bar. The closing post is 80mm x 80mm x 3mm and the hanging post is 80mm x 80mm x 5mm RHS.

Top and bottom hinge plates are constructed in 60mm x 15mm solid flat.

The bearing houses are lathed to give an engineering finish. Easy-Gate swings on stainless steel sealed for life bearings in inverted cups to keep out dirt and water with a 20mm stainless steel top shaft and drive shaft. NO other gate on the market has this important feature.

The side gate is manufactured to the same specification as the Easy-Gate and is hung on a 80mm x 80mm x 5mm RHS post with adjustable top and bottom hinges.

In operation, the centre post is permanently fixed to the side gate and is held in position with a lockable drop bolt, which engages with the drop bolt keep. This is attached to the foundation element of the self-closing gate, thus preventing unauthorised entry.

The gate unit weighs approximately 120kg. (Depending on width).

Download Easy-Gate Detailed Specifications

Maintenance Combination Easy-Gate
Maintenance Easy-Gate Flat Top 1000mm high or 1200mm high
Maintenance Easy-Gate Bow Top 1000mm high or 1200mm high
Maintenance Easy-Gate Country Cross 1000mm high or 1200mm high
Maintenance Easy-Gate Estate 1000mm high or 1200mm high

• All Easy Gates comply with European Safety Standard EN1176 and the Disability Discrimination Act •