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Maintenance Combination Easy-Gate - Installation

This page includes information about the installation of the Maintenance Easy-Gate. Information about design and technical specification is also available.

Easy-Gate installationEasy-Gate arrives packaged as a rigid one-piece unit with the additional side gate and post.

A trench is excavated approximately 1500mm long x 400mm wide x 500mm deep. A post hole 450mm x 450mm x 750mm deep is required for the side gate post.

The unit is placed in the trench and using a spirit level is plumbed on both horizontal and vertical planes.

Concrete is placed around the unit (a strong wet mix is recommended) and allowed to set.

The side gate individual post and adjustable hinges are then assembled, connected to the Easy-Gate and held in place with temporary supports; the concrete is then placed around the post and allowed to set.

The two fixings connecting the self-closing gate to the closing post are removed, supports are removed from the side gate and final adjustments to the hinges takes place. The gate is now fully operational.


Because of Easy-Gate's unique design there is no possibility of twisting or misaligned posts.

The recommended speed of closure from 90-degrees is 4 - 7 seconds.

It couldn't be simpler.

PDF logoAn Installation Guide for the Maintenance Easy-Gate is available in PDF format.

• All Easy Gates comply with European Safety Standard EN1176 and the Disability Discrimination Act •