Self Closing Gates

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Self Closing Gates for Children's Play Areas


Little fingers caught between the self-closing gate and the slam plate will not be crushed.

The speed of Easy-Gate's self-closing gate is controlled through the hydraulic closing unit that is built into the main frame of the gate. Gate closure can be easily adjusted to suit individual requirements.


The self-closing gate mechanism has a design life of 500,000 operations. To put it another way: 100-openings per day, 7-days a week, for 14-years.

To keep out water and dirt, stainless steel bearings sealed for life and set in inverted cups are used on all hinges of our self-closing gates. Regular maintenance is now a thing of the past.


The controlled and silent closure on to rubber stops eliminates the annoying clang normally associated with self-closing gates.

• All Easy Gates comply with European Safety Standard EN1176 and the Disability Discrimination Act •